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DIY Wool Felt Balls

Wool felt balls can be made two different ways. One, using hot water and soap; the other, using a needle. The following tutorial will teach you how to make wool felt balls using a needle.

Supplies you’ll need…

…a wool feling mat…

…a wool felting needle…

…and wool felt, in┬áthe color of your choice.

The instructions…

1) Place a small bundle of wool felt on the mat, and fold in one end. Start pricking.

2) Fold the felt again and continue pricking (for the best results, fold the wool felt at different angles). Repeat this step until the wool felt resembles a fluffy lump.

3) Prick the lump at all sides until it resembles a ball/sphere.

Ta-da! To personalize/design this ball, chose another color and start pricking shapes or letters into the ball.

Have fun felting! :)


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