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Adorable Binder Covers

These binder covers were my little “side project” I mentioned in one of my other posts. My binder is the type with the plastic covering on the covers so I am able to attach these designs on my binder without glue. All of them are made out of felt and I hope you enjoy them! :) Note: These pictures were NOT taken inside the binder covering.

Cupcake #1:

A strawberry dessert with sprinkles and a cherry on top! Yum.

Cupcake #2:

The first one’s evil, delicious, (fraternal) twin sister.

Ice Cream:

Vanilla, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. Classic.


…with a chocolate glaze…

The Toadstools:

Warning! Poisonous! Warning!

Mother Hen and Three Chicks:

The chicks are as small as quarters. They took me forever to sew.

French toast:

French toast, anyone? Heh. I found this design online, and I fell in love with it, so I’ve decided to try it. Isn’t it adorable?



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