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New Year

Hi guys! I know I’m a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2013, already. Somehow I have a feeling that its not gonna be the best though…

Best wishes, cutelilcupcakes.

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Merry Christmas

Hihi! Merry Christmas, guys. I hope you all had a nice holiday! :D

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Turkey Day

With school, I’m just too busy (and lazy) these days to blog about anything, so yeah…

Thanksgiving to me is a day to be thankful for stuff, although mostly I’m just in it for the food. :) I stuff myself and then the moment its over, ITS CHRISTMAS TIME! Wait, also there is Black Friday, which is also awesome.:)

*random pic of turkey found on google images*

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Chocolate Halloween

Just some pictures I found on the internet…:)

*mouth waters*

pictures by google images



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Adorable Binder Covers

These binder covers were my little “side project” I mentioned in one of my other posts. My binder is the type with the plastic covering on the covers so I am able to attach these designs on my binder without glue. All of them are made out of felt and I hope you enjoy them! :) Note: These pictures were NOT taken inside the binder covering.

Cupcake #1:

A strawberry dessert with sprinkles and a cherry on top! Yum.

Cupcake #2:

The first one’s evil, delicious, (fraternal) twin sister.

Ice Cream:

Vanilla, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. Classic.


…with a chocolate glaze…

The Toadstools:

Warning! Poisonous! Warning!

Mother Hen and Three Chicks:

The chicks are as small as quarters. They took me forever to sew.

French toast:

French toast, anyone? Heh. I found this design online, and I fell in love with it, so I’ve decided to try it. Isn’t it adorable?



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Mani Marathon!

I went over to a friend’s house the other day, and we had a manicure marathon! :)

My nails…

First, I did pink french tips on all my fingers except my ring finger; I drew sparkly orange slashes over a complete pink nail on my ring fingers.

Then, I repainted my nails with gold glitter and red hearts.

And lastly, I repainted my nails with shimmery blue french tips.

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DIY Wool Felt Balls

Wool felt balls can be made two different ways. One, using hot water and soap; the other, using a needle. The following tutorial will teach you how to make wool felt balls using a needle.

Supplies you’ll need…

…a wool feling mat…

…a wool felting needle…

…and wool felt, in the color of your choice.

The instructions…

1) Place a small bundle of wool felt on the mat, and fold in one end. Start pricking.

2) Fold the felt again and continue pricking (for the best results, fold the wool felt at different angles). Repeat this step until the wool felt resembles a fluffy lump.

3) Prick the lump at all sides until it resembles a ball/sphere.

Ta-da! To personalize/design this ball, chose another color and start pricking shapes or letters into the ball.

Have fun felting! :)


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