DIY Friendship Bracelet

14 Jul

This friendship bracelet may look extremely hard to make, but it’s actually very easy!

Supplies you’ll need…

I used a tape measure, pliers, colored string (yarn, etc. will work too), closures, a brown cord, and a pair of sharp scissors. The closures are optional, therefore the pliers are optional; you may choose to knot your ends instead.

The instructions…

1) Cut out two different pieces of colored string, each about 200 cm long; cut out a length of the cord, about 75 cm long (length may change due to wrist size). Fold all three in half, and either knot it of secure it with a closures. Place two strands of one color on the right and one on the left. Leave the cord in the middle.

The green string will represent String A, and the blue will represent String B.

2) Make the first stitch by placing String B on the left side of the cord, and under String A. Then bring String A under the cord, and up through the loop that String B made. Pull on both strings.

Notice how after the first stitch, String B is now on the left side and String A is on the right. To do the next stitch, just repeat the first one, using String A as String B and vice versa.

Now with a little work done…

3) When you have reached your desired length, just knot off the end, or end it with a closure (like I did).


To alter this design, use different colors, or materials to give the bracelet a different texture or look.

Have fun!

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