DIY Felt Mushroom/Toadstool

12 Jul

Don’t worry…they aren’t posionous…


Supplies you’ll need…

For this toadstool, I used white felt, green felt, a pair of sharp scissors, white thread, cotton (polyester fiberfill), split peas (dried beans, rice, etc will work too), pins, and a sewing needle.

The pattern…

It’s not the best because I drew it all in one go, with the marker, so the lines are a bit jagged. There are four ‘mushroom cap dots’, but one of them doesn’t even go on the mushroom cap :P

The instructions…

1) Cut out the pattern (draw your own, or print one from online), then pin it on the felt. Cut the felt. You should have seven pieces in total.

All of the pieces are white, except for one of  the mushroom cap circles.

2) Sew on three of the mushroom cap dots, one of each size, on the green mushroom cap piece.

3) Sew the green mushroom cap and the white mushroom cap together. Leave a hole to stuff cotton in between the pieces, then sew up the hole.

4) Sew the mushroom stem piece, so that it looks like a tube. Then, sew last mushroom cap dot on the bottom of the ‘tube’.


5) Stuff the mushroom stem one-third of the way up with the split peas. Stuff the rest with cotton.

6) Sew the top of the stem to the bottom of the mushroom cap. Try to sew it in the center; the mushroom/toadstool will stand better this way.

Ta-da! Your very own Mushroom/Toadstool!!!

Have fun making mushrooms/toadstools!!! :D


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One response to “DIY Felt Mushroom/Toadstool

  1. princesskawaii

    July 18, 2012 at 8:25 am

    So cute! :)


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