DIY Woven Duct Tape Bookmark

09 Jul

The following is a tutorial of how to make a cool-looking duct tape bookmark.

Supplies you’ll need…

I used black, white, and purple Duck brand duct tape, a ruler, and a pair of sharp scissors.

The instructions…

1) Cut three pieces of the black duct tape, each about eight inches long. Fold those strips in thirds, lengthwise.

2) Now, cut eight pieces of duct tape out of the white, each about three inches long. Fold these in thirds, lengthwise, too.

3) Now, line all three of your black strips up, and start weaving in the white ones. If the first white strip goes over-under-over, then the second one should go under-over-under, and so on.  The ‘ugly sides’ of the strips can be woven in face down. They will be covered later.

4) Now, flip over your woven piece. Cut a piece of purple duct tape, about ten inches long. With one of your hands, fold down the pieces of duct tape that are sticking out from the woven piece and hold it there. Using the other hand, stick the purple duct tape over the surface.

In the picture above, some of the ends were not secured because they were too short, but it looks fine after another layer of duct tape.

5) To prevent having a big hole on the top and bottom of your bookmark, cut two more pieces of purple duct tape, and stick them on the ends.

Ta-da! Doesn’t this design look awesome? For even better results, place this bookmark under some heavy books for a few days to flatten it, for sometimes the bookmark turns out poofy.

And, t0 alter this design, you can change the width and length of this bookmark, or use different colors (like how I did below).

Have fun weaving!!! :P

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