DIY Duct Tape Pikachu Bracelet

08 Jul

The following is a tutorial of how to make an adorable duct tape pikachu bracelet!

Supplies you’ll need…

For this project, I used red, yellow, white, and black Duck brand duct tape, a ruler, and a pair of sharp scissors.

The instructions…

1) Cut a piece of yellow duct tape, about ten inches long. Fold it in half lengthwise. This will represent pikachu’s face.

2) Cut two ovals out of the black duct tape.

3) Cut two small rectangles out of the white duct tape. Stick them to the black ovals you just cut out, on the top left corner. These will be pikachu’s eyes.

4) With the black, cut out very thin strips; one long (about one centimeter), one medium ( a little smaller than the first one), and two small pieces (about half a centimeter). Then, cut out one small black triangle.

5) Place the medium strip on the bottom-middle of pikachu’s face. Then place the triangle and the long strip on top of the medium strip. The long sized strip goes horizontally. Lastly, place the two small strips on either side of the long strip.

6) Place on the eyes that you’ve made earlier.

7) Cut out two ovals from the red duct tape, and stick them on pikachu’s face.

8) Cut out a piece of yellow duct tape, and use it to secure the back of the bracelet. You might need to cut off the extra duct tape from the sides (like me) if you have a smaller wrist.

Voila! Now, you have your every own adorable duct tape pikachu bracelet!

By changing this design, you can make all sorts of bracelets…

Have fun duct taping!

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One response to “DIY Duct Tape Pikachu Bracelet

  1. Kiki

    July 29, 2012 at 10:33 am

    So cute!!


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