DIY Cute Felt Owl

07 Jul

Today, I designed this cute and easy-to-make felt owl.

Supplies you’ll need…

I used brown thread, tan thread, white thread, red thread, yellow thread, a pair of sharp scissors, cotton (polyester fiberfill), pins, a needle, yellow felt, red felt, tan felt, brown felt, and white stiffened felt.

The pattern…

It’s not the best pattern because I drew it myself, but it doesn’t really matter because once the owl is sewn, the uneven and jagged lines don’t show as much.

Okay, now for the instructions…

1) Cut out the pattern. Then, pin the paper onto the colored felt, and cut the shapes out of the felt.

2) Sew the both eye reflection pieces to the eyes, one on each eye.

3) Embroider little V’s onto the belly.

4) Sew the eyes, beak, and belly in the places shown.

5) Embroider two lines onto two of the wings in the places shown. These lines will represent the wing feathers.

6) Sew the wings onto the body of the owl. Remember, the wings that go on the back of the owl don’t have lines

7) Sew two of the foot pieces together, then do the same with the other two. Make sure the knots are either in between the layers, or at the top, where they could be hidden later.

8) Start sewing the two body pieces together. When you have reached the feet area, place the feet in between the two body layers and continue sewing. Remember to use the red thread in the red areas, and the tan thread in the tan areas. Leave a hole to stuff the cotton in.

9) Stuff the owl, then sew up the hole.

Ta-da! Now you have a cute, homemade, felt owl!

To personalize this design, you can choose to use different colors for the felt and thread, or change the design completely…

..or you could choose to not even stuff the owl, poke a string through it, and use it as an ornament.

Have fun sewing! :D

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